Brian Wiita | About

Experienced business leader Brian Wiita has enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate development and management, finance, and related fields. Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Wiita engaged in profitable partnerships with financial institutions like Heller Credit Corp., Palm Beach National Bank & Trust Company, and Republic Security Bank; approximately 20 years ago, he also struck a long-term deal with Equitable Life Insurance Company. In real estate, Brian Wiita maintained solid relationships with anchor outfits such as Marshalls, Costco, Walgreens, Kmart, and Target.

Most recently, Brian Wiita spearheaded American Heritage Global Energy. Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the firm seeks to repurpose a large manufactory in Georgia in order to make wood pellets, which produce no negative emissions and offer a viable source of renewable energy for consumers around the globe. The biomass fuel, already used by more than half of the utility providers in Europe, has experienced a growing demand in recent years, and Mr. Wiita hopes to meet that demand with a new facility, which spans nearly 200 acres.


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